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"Hidden" atc-detected taxiways at NTAA

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 11:04 pm
by jelgsath
I'm using Voxatc, and I see AI Aircrafts taxiing on the grass to runway 04 and landing over other aircrafts backtaxiing on the runway and so on.
When I request taxi, Voxatc tells me to taxi to runway 04 and hold at 22. When I'm at runway 22 atc tells me to cross runway 22 and contact Tower when at runway 04. So I backtaxi confused to runway 04 while I see aircrafts on short final in front of me. This happens every time at Tahiti NTAA. In other airports without taxiways all the way to the holding point, Voxatc tells me to contact Tower before Tower tells me to backtaxi.

Do you know if this is caused by some issue in the airport scenery or is it Voxatc, or maybe the combination?